Oh where, oh where does one start?

746 students and 6 iPads! What was i thinking? Yes this was the start of my journey, trying to integrate 6 precious iPads into an infant school curriculum. Credit to the teachers they were borrowing them for kids to use in the classroom, mainly during ‘independent learning’ time, maths groups and guided reading groups. Credit also to the teaching staff, they had found some great games for the children to play on them as well. This albeit a great start, was not the end vision I had for implementing iPads in the school. But where does one start?

My first observation was my assistant making a whole lot of noise from her desk. What on earth could be bothering such a calm and in control person? It seems that the way staff borrowed iPads was to send my assistant an email, this in theory sounds good, until an email trail begins with every class.  You see, each individual teacher had no idea when these iPads were free from day to day, let alone week to week and trying to write their use within an upcoming lesson plan was near impossible without sending 10 emails to find out when they were free! OK, so there lies my first job – Set up an online booking system. Success – teachers are now able to log on in their own time and book as many or as little time slots as they wish for the iPads. It also gave us an opportunity to add other techie gadgets to the booking system such as our beebots, itouches and recording mics.

Now we have the vessel its time to plan the route!

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