The long road ahead

October saw a number of firsts, 8 weeks in post, iPads being booked in record numbers and an opportunity to attend one of the biggest Tech conferences I had ever attended. Knowing we had only just begun our journey in this

Ed-Tech boom, I was looking forward to meeting like minded educators who could scoot me forward 12 months when everything in the school ICT program was just perfect! Perfect! I hear you say with a snigger. Yes, we all know thats never going to be reality.

Learning 2.012 in Beijing was attended by over 300 educators from around Asia and Europe. For me, it provided an opportunity to listen to the journey that many other schools have been on with mobile technology. There were mistakes made by these schools and moments to celebrate.

It was on day 2 that I met Zoe Page. Zoe is a Reception teacher at Yokohama International School. Her session excited me “iPad apps for Early Years”. Yep, this is exactly what I needed, a list of perfect apps that I can take back and begin using with staff and students. However, Zoe started her workshop by telling us her story. A story that involved a scared teacher, who cried when any form of technology was placed in front of her. It was now that I realise taking a list of apps back was not what this workshop needed to teach me. Instead, it was opening my eyes to the teachers in my school. The teachers who are just like Zoe, those who secretly cringe when I talk about IT and the future but also those who are confident yet flying under the radar.

If anything, it was this workshop and conference that made me stop, evaluate and map out a plan. The plan would alleviate all the mistakes that these other schools had made but most importantly bring all the other teachers at school on this long journey with me.

How do I start? Where do I start? Zoe’s workshop had an important element to it, it was simply called – ‘Speed Geeking‘. It was a great opportunity for us to share our favorite app and what a fun way to share it was. As we moved around the room every 5 mins and listened to 6 people share their apps, I could see our teachers engaging in a similar activity. Staff meetings can often be long and intense, but this would take little or no time at all and so much fun could be had.

So there it is, this is where the long road begins. Can’t wait to see how this pans out!

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