If you build it, they will come!

December, was a time of great excitement – yes Christmas of course, but I was full of enthusiasm from all the workshops I had attended. With speed geeking under way in the school, teachers and departments were beginning to see the benefits of iPads, some great progress was being made.

I was wanting the children to be enthused as well with our new devices but needed a forum to exhibit. Outside my office was a large area, mostly unused but a direct pathway for children arriving at school and moving between specialist classes. If I could use this space to put our ipads on display and encourage teachers and children to pop by and use them, this may well be another way to move them closer to classroom use.

I sourced some iPad wall mounts from ilocks http://www.ilocks.com.au They have been a great investment with children, parents and even our cleaning staff stopping to ‘play’ with the devices on the wall. This project has continued with ‘themes’ beginning to emerge, from Christmas apps to music apps to curriculum based games. We have extended this to a small table as well with ipads on it.

Teachers are planning for small groups of children to come by and have seen the enthusiasm that the children have when using the devices. Since the introduction of the iPads outside my office we have seen an increase in teachers booking the iPads out to the point where they are fully booked Monday – Friday.

The teachers knowledge is slowly building, confidence is thriving and an understanding of the potential of these devices now exists.

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