CSI style learning in infants

With the end of the academic year coming, our thoughts turn to resources for next year. For the past 6months the ICT and Science teams have been working together to find a suitable replacement for our current microscopes. We currently use the QX5 but with the release of the latest model QX7 came more problems then we needed.

A decision was made to look at more mobile opportunities, so the children can ‘get outdoors’ and experience what the microscope can offer out in the field. 2 options were proposed:

Both options seemed feasible, allowing children to visit nature and explore it up close. We felt it was important that whichever device we went with, it was set up and ready to go for teachers. We looked at the proscope micro mobile at first, purchasing some new ipod touches along with the micro mobile adapter was our first choice. After pricing was taken into account we were looking at $400 a piece.

When we explored how the proscope mobile worked we began to get excited, at $300USD we were quietly excited that cost would not hinder the decision. The proscope mobile acts as its own Wifi network, therefore not clogging your current bandwidth up at all. It allows for a variety of learning structures to take place:

1. The teacher controls the microscope device allowing all students with an ipod or ipad to view what the teacher is looking at.

2. Small groups to have 1 microscope with the children in the group having ipods or ipads at hand to view

3. Small groups can view each others images on their devices by logging onto the appropriate network address

By being its own independent wifi, it allows the devices to be taken to the zoo, botanical gardens or any other off site environment to explore. Imagine the learning that could take place on field trips!

We are now about to begin trialling one for the last month of school. We are secretly excited at the possibilities our young scientists could be given.

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