Learning to share is hard!

Over the past month I have continued empowering our teaching assistants with skills and knowledge on the iPad. Today saw the first formal introduction for teaching staff from the apple education team. 30 quick mins saw them see the ‘why’ behind the ipads being implemented and a quick orientation to the ipad itself.

The ICT vertical team will be coming together in June to formalise the apps that our teaching staff will be required to have on their iPads. Our main hurdle during the trial has been how do we get the children’s work off shared iPads when our young students do not have email accounts.

Four solutions so far:

I believe all 4 options will be used at various times, however webdav and dropbox offer more options across more apps. Without an intranet in the infant school and no formal digital portfolio platform as yet, we have had to be innovative in the way we set the devices up. Out of all the apps used over the past 8 months, Puppet pals has proved the hardest to get off the device. Showbie, however worked a treat. It allowed the video file to be sent to the class account and then saved to the network. As showbie is both web based and has an app, teachers are able to view the files in a variety of locations.

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