Infant Tech Leaders

Today saw the next step in my ICT school vision unfold. All too often, technology skills and devices are targeted at the older students in a school. I don’t have too much of an issue with that, except, skills and knowledge flow up through a school, very rarely down. My rationale for all of the devices and activities I have been implementing so far in the infant school is to have those skills and knowledge flow up! If we build the right foundations, embed solid skills, we can farewell our infant students moving into juniors, confident they have the skills and knowledge to succeed.

The introduction of Infant school tech leaders has a 2 thronged approach. Firstly, we give students who excel in many areas of the curriculum an opportunity to be extended or even to compete, why not for technology? The group of KS1 students have been chosen based on skills, interest, curiosity and enthusiasm. We have met over the past few weeks and have been through an intense introduction program. Ensuring they were skilled up on our Acceptable use policy, what does ‘Zip it, block it, flag it’ mean? Their responses to digital literacy questions were amazing, they spoke with such maturity yet still holding on to their innocence. We discussed ICT ettiquete, navigating the network and them as role models to their class mates.

Following these sessions they were presented with their Infant Tech Leaders badge. I cant wait to work with this team this year, learning new skills, new applications and showing the rest of the school that the future is in good hands.

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