Continued Parent Education

Today’s post marks my 12 month milestone of creating a blog. I’ve enjoyed creating my own space to write down my thoughts, map my journey as an IT educator and share the many things that have worked (and some that haven’t!).

One aspect of my job I find rewarding is working with the parents of our younger students. It’s rewarding to work with parents and see them leave, empowered to make a difference in their own child’s IT journey. Last year, after we began to implement iPads in our infant classrooms, it struck me that many of our parents had the perception that we just ‘played games’ on these devices. By holding the passion for parenting workshops which focussed on educational apps for young children, I maintained contact with the parents in a number of ways.

1. Send out recommended app lists each term. These may cover multi-age or multi concept apps or they may have a particular focus.

2. Regular newsletter items with short sharp information or links for parents

3. Placing myself in a central place after school where they can easily come and ask those tricky questions. For me, that space is the library. Parents naturally flock to our library after school where they help their child with homework, extra reading or just to have some quiet time.

4. Continuing workshops. My latest workshop focussed on ‘Internet Safety for young children’. We looked at enabling youtube safe search as well as google safe search. It was also a great opportunity to take them through the great resources for parents at

It has been encouraging to see confidence the parents of our infant students now have. they are slowly feeling like they may actually have this whole digital world under control.

The 3 most important messages I continue to give our parents is:

  • Balance
  • Role models
  • Be interested and engage with them

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