Green Screening

12 months ago I contemplated introducing green screening to our Year 1 and 2 students. At the time, I imagined how it would work, I tried searching what I would need, but it never came to fruition. In the past few weeks it became clear why it did not come together last year, we were clearly not ready. By naturally working with the infant tech leaders on numerous iPad and PC skills, by empowering staff to think creatively and take risks, we have finally come to the point where green screening can happen.

It has actually happened much quicker than I expected, and the teachers haven’t even had to think about the task. For any one wanting to get young children involved in green screening I can highly recommend the following process:


1. iPad 2 or above

2. Mini Shotgun Mic

3. Tripod

4. Green Screen

5. Makayama movie mount


Green Screen App by DoInk

So it’s as simple as gathering the equipment, getting the app and gathering the children together. They pick the whole concept of layers up very easily and have dived straight into experimenting with it all.

Final videos will be uploaded shortly. In the mean time, don’t waste another minute, get the younger students green screening!

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