Creative Curriculum and ICT Integration

With the start of the new school, and a new curriculum, it is time to move forward with the way our computing curriculum will be implemented. As mentioned in previous posts, Year 1 have been our Guinea pigs, and we couldn’t

ask for a more flexible group of teachers to take the challenge on.

With the implementation of a 1:2 ipad program in the infant school and laptops, we are finally fully mobile. The learning spaces re currently being redesigned and I am itching for the day our ICT suite is pulled out. For the new technology to be successful, it’s important I ‘hold their hands’ throughout the process. With the infrastructure taken care of, it is time to look at curriculum development and assessment.

The SAMR model has been in place now for 2 years, teachers are working towards the redefinition model whenever the opportunity arises. This week has been an excellent experience working with year groups to plan technology activities integrated into other curriculum areas. The year 2 team spent time asking the children in their class about topics of interest and questions that they may have. From this brain storm I had a complete overview of what the themes and skills could be in each area.

photo (14) photo (15) Planning

With a Google doc set up and shared with each member of staff and a few pre selected suggestions for apps, software and hardware, we were able to sit and have wonderful discussion on how to integrate the technology. With lots of amazing ideas and a plan for moving it into the curriculum we were almost good to go.

The final piece in this puzzle is our assessment. It is a little tricky when integrating the technology skills to monitor and keep track of your class’s development. I developed a database of skills and student details which sits on their ipads. It is now very quick and easy to select a child or your class, select the ICT skill and tick achievements off. Media evidence could be uploaded if need be to further consolidate the tracking score.

I’m excited about the year ahead and looking forward to sharing these plans that will finally come to life.

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