A mindfulness challenge!

Morning alarm, radio blaring, taxi bookings, emails to check, teachers calling for tech help, meeting reminders ringing….and breath….where have the days gone where I walk into work relaxed and ready to start my day?

Well, on reflection, they are still here, I just seem to have set them aside for this much busier and hectic start to my day. The trouble is, this is how the middle of my day feels, and the end of my day for that matter!

With all this talk of mindfulness, I’m determined to give it a go. How hard can it be? Harder than I thought. I’ve given this a go before, I’ve relaxed by the pool of a morning and ignored all ‘noise’ around me, but then, so easily I slip back into the madness that is my working week. I have read about this thing called mindfulness, it sounds perfect, just what I’m looking for, but how do I make it a natural part of my life?


It seems I have been putting an enormous amount of effort into my busy life that the calmness that once existed has drifted away. I was hoping this state of mindfulness would just happen, if I just spend 5mins of quiet time before work I would somehow be floating through my days! In a funny kind of way it did, but it very quickly runs and hides as soon as the busyness raises its head. However, I’m committed, if I can put so much effort into creating enormous ‘noise’ in my life, surely i can put the same effort into ME.

Small steps are what I’m looking at, steps such as switching my devices off of an evening, rejoining my yoga class, going for that walk or bike ride , saying yes to a coffee with friends. All the time knowing that the emails can wait, the radio doesn’t need to be what my mind is first hearing of a morning and my global online community, well, I know they will always be there, and would certainly support this move.

So, who’s with me? Who’s willing to adjust their priorities, to develop new habits and gain more time for better choices in their life? I’m excited, so join me, it’s going to be a fun ride.

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