Infant School 1:2 iPad roll out process

All learners are different and require teaching and learning interactions that acknowledge these
differences and provide suitable support. As a school we quickly saw the potential the iPad may have on teaching

and learning. Schools have initiated iPad roll outs at different stages within the school. For us it began up in our Year 6 and Year 7 classes. For me, in my role, it began in the infant school. I hope by mapping our process out, I can encourage other Early Years settings to take the iPad challenge on.

Time to map out the process taken in our 1:2 iPad roll out for the Infant School.

12- 18 months prior to roll out (2012/2013 – 12 iPads 2013/2014 – Shared grade sets of 24) –
1. Small group parent iPad sessions (max 12 per session). We looked at 5 targeted classroom apps (book creator, educreations, popplet, puppet pals and art pad). I took parents through a 1 hour session using the apps and demonstrated how a class teacher might use it. Practical ideas on how they can use the apps at home was also given.

2. Digital Citizenship sessions (1 for EYFS, 1 for KS1). Looked at safety settings on devices e.g. iPads, Wii, X-Box, Google, Youtube etc)

3. Recommended app lists for parents sent home

Parent Suggested App List T3 2014

Parent Suggested App List T2 2014

Parent Suggested App List T1 2013

Parent Suggested App List T1 2014
4. Weekly newsletter items on young children and technology
5. Wifi and charging solutions put forward – We chose to go with ISIS Concepts

6. Workflow options looked at and solved. Email, google drive and webdav accounts set up on shared ipads
7. Apple Education team presented at 2 whole school staff meetings. Taking teachers through settings and some ‘cool’ ideas with apps (an opportunity to get the teachers motivated)
8. ICT teacher Grade reps spent a day with the Apple education team looking more closely at the ipad and apps.
9. Team of 7 from the whole school attended the iPad Summit in New Delhi
10. I attended grade planning meetings to push iPad ideas forward for all subject areas

11. Infant Tech leaders introduced. This is a group of students in Key Stage 1 (2 per class). We work together at lunchtimes to explore apps and how to use the ipads. The tech leaders support the teachers in their interaction with ipads during lessons.

12. All teachers issued with an iPad

13. Apple TV installed in all teaching spaces. Initial wifi issues resolved

1:2 iPad roll out Nov 2014 (Yr 1) 2015 (Yr 2)
1. VPP rolled out in Singapore – finally!! (Meraki main management system used)
2. Teachers sent to Learning 2.014 Conference and iPad Summit KL. All teachers encouraged to return from their conference and focus on 1 project they could implement within the year group e.g. Database of student technology resources developed for the iPad. Students can access what equipment is available to use.

3. Interactive Learning Diary introduced into EYFS classes. All teaching assistants issued with an iPad mini to help with the evidence gathering process

Next Steps….air printing

It’s been seamless so far and I am certainly enjoying the journey.

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