Coding in the Early Years Quick Tips – Future Schools Conference

A number of years ago, Computer Science in an early years classroom was almost unthinkable. With the concepts becoming more and more evident in todays curriculums from around the world, we see it coming to life in classrooms of our youngest learners.

I had the privilege of speaking this week at the Young Learners strand of the Future Schools Conference in Sydney. Below is a brief summery of the case study I presented.

3 Key elements to coding

Logical Thinking, Language (human and computer) and Problem Solving

What does it mean to be an engineer?

Tools to build Skills

1. Chess

2. Cooking

3. Concrete Problems (maths, Science etc)

4. Remote control cars

5. Beebots

Early Years Educators have been laying the foundations for coding for many years, usually using analogue techniques. The time has come to make the transition into the digital. Don’t be afraid to put young learners in leadership positions to guide you through how the digital tools work – Young Learners as Leaders.

Top 5 Apps for coding in the Early Years

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 8.00.00 pm

It’s always a pleasure to connect with other early years educators. Sharing and discussing the journey we are on is important to raising the profile of Early Childhood Education. I would love to connect with you, for more information on what technology can look like in your early years classroom please contact me regarding speaking opportunities in your school.

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