Confessions of a Twitter Stalker!

I’ve stalked!….There, I’ve said it, out loud and proud!

2 years ago I had a number of teachers talking positively about how they use use twitter. When, I took I look, it was like watching a movie on fast forward. I was there, I had a profile, I had a presence but I had no idea who all these people were that had such wise ideas to share. So I stalked, and I stalked and that stalking has given me the confidence to engage with peers on a number of different areas of education. It has led me to gain the confidence to speak, present and talk about my passions to educators around the world.

So what and who did I stalk? Below is a list of some of the stalking that I consider necessary:

1. Who is connected to who? You’ll probably find a core group of educators who you engage with quite quickly. Take a look at their connections, yes it’s ok to peek! You’ll find so many more educators who are just like you!

2. Friendships come and go. Twitter is a little like a school playground. We build relationships and engage but we also like what the group on the other side of the playground are doing so we hang out with them for a while…and thats OK too! I found searching other peoples profiles and seeing what chats they were part of helped me build my professional knowledge. I haven’t stuck with one friend, I’ve moved in and out of chats as I’ve needed to.

3. Lists, lists lists! Yes, I stalked peoples lists as well. By going into their profile, settings, lists, I could see who they were engaging with but also how they were managing their contacts and feeds. It made sense to group people, to be able to see the posts from those people at a glance. I’ve started to create my own lists….it’s quite liberating!

4. Hall of fame. I decided to start reading the profiles of people I followed, how interesting is that process. I was surrounded by the who’s who of education. They may not see themselves as famous, but these educators were innovators, they were authors, they were disruptors in everything they did. They were flipping educational theories on its head and I liked what I saw.

I feel so much better that I’ve got it off my chest now. I feel liberated to stalk without guilt now. If you are new to twitter my advice is to give stalking a go…you’ll be surprised what you find.

A big thank you to Jena Morane for giving me the support to confess!