eCadets – Our safety squad!

I have always been impressed with the leadership skills our youngest learners display. With pride, they take their roles seriously, always willing to improve….they believe in the strength of their voice.    eCadet logo

This year has seen us add a new role to our mix of leaders – our eCadets. The eCadets is a program from the UK which has a focus on developing kids to be the role models for kids.

As we are a large infant school with 744 young children, we have 32 eCadets in our program. These leaders work with me on developing lessons and deepening their knowledge on the concepts of safety.

One of the most exciting elements of the program is watching the children lead. Our Year 2 eCadets work in our Nursery classes and our Year 1 eCadets work in our Reception classes. For the young children they begin with a general focus on safety and move into online safety within their own classes.

Having only just begun this journey with the children, I am excited to see how it develops over the next 12 months. Take at look at the eCadet website and see if you can build a safety squad!