My Story

Hi, I am Dee :)

At 21, as a fully qualified mulimedia designer with a First-class honours degree in Digital Media, I started off my career as a Multimedia Designer. At 23, I decided to obtain my PGCE in Secondary ICT, and began my journey teaching. This quickly evolved to Computer Science and Business.

I am currently studying to be a Cloud Architect, learning about the world of AWS and its infrustructure, but on a daily basis, I continue to share my love of IT, Computer Science, Business and all things 'technology'. 

As I reside in Norfolk, unless you live near by, I will be your online tutor. Otherwise, I am happy to help you in person.

In the last decade, I have worked with Pearson to quality assure the delivery of their vocational BTEC courses within two secondary schools, spanning eight years. I have dealt with the delivery of BTEC qualifications, the paperwork, coursework and examinations.

I have taught in primary schools, grammar schools, and mixed comprehensive schools, from KS1 through to KS5.

I have taught various A-Levels including Cambridge Nationals Level 3, AQA Level 3 in IT and BTEC Triple Business. 

GCSE's I have taught include Edexcel Computer Science, BTEC Tech Award Digital Information Technology, Cambridge Nationals Level 2, GCSE Business and BTEC Enterprise, to name a few.

Software I love :)

Did someone mention spreadsheets?

Oh I do love a spreadsheet. I love to show off and help people use mail merge to connect their spreadsheet to a word document. Magic

Photoshop zombies anyone? 

Showing students how they can peel the skin back off an actors face, using layer masks, and explaining how what we see in the media is most likely editied, is a fantastic way to engage students.

Selection of materials

Using videos, worksheets, packs I can post off to you, online classroom enviroments, and various websites, I can assure you, the selection of materials used within our sessions will enable you to make progress quickly. 

My students past and present

I have taught in one particular secondary school for 8 years, enabling me to see my students move right the way through. My little year 7 students starting off their educational journey, learning the basics, then choosing IT, Computer Science or Business as their GCSE, then A-level options. I helped these same students with their UCAS statements, then welcomed them back after their first year, having successfully completed their fisrt year studying Robotics with Artifical Intelligence at university, Games Design, Accounting, Business, and Finance.

I love to help people, let me help you?

People always come to me. Dee, can you look at this website for me? Can you edit this spreadsheet? There is something wrong with this formula. The older generation in my family with their laptops, software and hardware issues, always need reassurance or some simple guidance. 

I have always been Miss ICT, and now I can be yours too. 

Is there something you are putting off because you simply do not have the skill set yet? With a one off session, or a block of four, we can have you passionatly learning and developing your knowledge.